I am a straight Polish MASTER. I am the ultimate ALPHA MALE: arrogant, dominant, smart and gorgeous! There is no MASTER like ME. My first rea l-time was about 8 years ago, so I know how to deal with you maggots online as well as during real meets.

You probably thought someone like ME does not exist, but you were wrong and I am here to prove it to you.


Each day, faggot, you feel the urge. You are eager and desperate to serve. You have chatted with so many MASTERS (mostly so-called masters), craving their attention to fill the voids of your life. Through disappointment after disappointment you learned that a truly superior MAN is what he claims to be: a real dominant MALE who is always leading others, his family, his friends and his slaves. That's the kind of MAN you need in your pitiful and perverted life. Someone you want to be owned by, someone who controls your whole being.